Changing Jobs during a Pandemic

This past year has undoubtably been hard on a lot of people, but especially for the job market.

With the country in and out of national lockdowns and the economy being hit hard, it left a worrying trend last year of candidates finding themselves losing their job when they were due to return from being furloughed. This left a lot of people suddenly in need of a new job.

So how do you go about job hunting in the middle of a pandemic?


Take an in-depth look at your CV

First and foremost, make sure your CV is up to date.

Think about the job you are aiming for and tailor your CV to best showcase your skills and attributes that best relate to that position.

Always structure your CV starting from your most recent employment to your previous employment over the years.

For help with structuring your CV read: How to create the perfect CV.


Be persistent and vigilant

Registering your CV with a specialist recruiter will always help simplify the recruitment process for you.

They will talk through your experience with you and take note of what kind of position you are looking for to best match the correct role for you. They will ask what you’re looking for, in which area are you hoping to work and what your ideal salary is. With their knowledge and connections, it can help take a load of stress from your shoulders by coaching you through the whole process.

However, if you choose to go it alone, then it would be a good idea to register your CV to popular job boards and to be vigilant in your search. Always staying on top of your search to find the right positions as they come available.

When you do apply for a position, it’s always good practice to follow up your application if possible, to chase up where the company is currently in the recruitment process to make sure you don’t fall through the cracks.


Be ready for change

Unlike when you previously went through the recruitment process, you’ll find a lot has changed lately with how companies conduct their interviews.

Most have moved over to the digital world for safety amidst the pandemic.

Whether that be a phone interview or a video interview such as with Microsoft Teams or Zoom.

It means getting your head around this new recruitment style and making sure you have any equipment you may need before hand so you don’t run into any potential issues that could hinder your chances for landing a new job.