Learn a new skill in lockdown to boost your CV


With the country in its third national lockdown, a lot of people find themselves on furlough either again or for the first time. It can be daunting to be faced with the possibility of unemployment when all this is over, and the desire to do nothing and wait it out is understandable.

However, there are things you can do during the lockdown (even small things) that can make a difference to your productivity.


Learn a new skill.


The options available to us today are insurmountable, from online courses to YouTube videos – there really isn’t much you can’t learn now.

So take some time out of your day even just half an hour and put it towards progressing your skill base.

You can learn basic life skills such as cooking, baking and DIY , however, I’m talking about learning something that could benefit your professional profile and make you stand out on your CV.

So, what can you learn?

Honestly anything, but I’m going to focus on the most popular that people have been learning throughout the past year:



Languages are extremely beneficial in life, the more you speak – the better!

There are a lot of jobs that require multilingual employees and learning another language might just be what gets you that dream job when compared to your competition.

Plus, when we can finally travel again, imagine how impressive you’d seem to your family and friends if you could speak the native language of the country you’re visiting.

There are plenty of platforms available to you to learn a new language such as YouTube, books and apps.


The most popular apps for languages are:



Rosetta Stone (thought that can be pricy)

Tandem – (My personal favourite – you can learn with other people from around the world, sort of like a virtual exchange programme. There is no better way to learn than by a native speaker)


Sign Language

There has been an increasing interest in learning sign language in the past couple of years.

It’s a great skill to have and could make all the difference to someone’s life and their social experiences.

You can learn sign language online; YouTube has been a particularly popular platform but another great choice is from www.british-sign.co.uk they are offering BSL (British Sign Language) courses CPD certified and you only donate as much money as you can afford.

There are other courses you can learn online either for free or for a very low price lately, a good website for cheap courses that could help you shine on your CV is www.reed.co.uk they have a ‘courses’ page where you can type in the type of course you are interested in and they will provide you with plenty of choices to compare from.


So there really is nothing stopping you from coming out of this latest lockdown even stronger than when you entered it.

Learn a new skill and improve your CV!