The Project Management Skills that Employers look for


With so many jobs in the building sector requiring you to manage a multitude of projects, it’s important that your project management skills are up to scratch. What is just as vital though is portraying them to potential employers. But, do you know exactly what they are looking for? Below we take a look at the four traits to demonstrate to hiring managers to ensure you get your dream role.

Are you able to add value?

In construction project management, it’s not just a case of getting the job done within budget; it’s about proving how you’ve done it and why. If you can back up every decision you have taken with relevant data it will mark you out as a potential hire that is thorough with attention to detail.

You need to be marketing yourself as a best in the class manager and one that can help a company achieve exceptional performance and benchmark their progress through various means, highlighting where value has been added. So many candidates can do the job, but so few tend to provide substantiated documentary evidence of their results.

Can you think strategically?

There is a temptation when working on a project to be caught up in a bubble, to focus only on the project at hand and ignore outside issues and influences. It is vital that managers are able to see how their project interrelates with other projects and into the wider organisation.

The more context you have allied with the ability to see the bigger picture will serve you well and make you a highly employable individual. The ability to think strategically is crucial if your goal is to develop your career.

Are you a problem solver that is results orientated?

Most people can manage a project when things are going well, and no other issues get in the way. But, as we all know, few things are completely straightforward in the world of building products.

Consequently, it is vital that you can deliver projects, stick to budgets and time constraints even when you’re faced with a multitude of hurdles. When interviewing for roles, you should be able to give examples of your flexibility, the project tools that helped you and the soft skills that you used too. There’s no shame in admitting coming up against obstacles. In fact, by showing how you overcame them makes you even more sought after.

Are you able to build and run effective teams?

Project management requires good people managements skills too. It’s important to demonstrate that you can:

  • Run
  • Build
  • … and improve a team.

Project managers that can provide dynamic leadership, encourage participation and lead teams that are focused on the task at hand are valuable to companies, so prove you can do this and you will have your choice of roles.

Whether you are a dedicated project manager or not, project management is a key skill in the building industry. Engage with the four points above, and you will make yourself a highly employable candidate.